When women fought nuclear bombs

Greenham women began the 1980s imagining a molten world victim to the posturing of the men who ruled it. In this nightmare, only their children survived, swollen and deformed by ...


Set Them Free

A woman held at Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre made a tearful plea by phone to a crowd of protestors outside the Home Office in London one evening in February. ...


‘Journalists take pictures and nothing changes’

On hearing about the deaths off the Italian island of Lampedusa last month, I was struck by the prescience of these words. Yasin, who made the comment, was Eritrean, like ...

'reporting & writing' in Europe


Letter from Europe’s border

A question for the European politicians thrashing out a plan to provide ...
Border fence in Evros, Greece. Turkey is on the other side of the fence.

Europe rejects refugees

Flowing from Bulgaria to the Aegean Sea, the River Evros forms a ...

Photo by Maro Kouri

Refugees driven to despair in Calais

An Iraqi Kurd peeps out from under a pile of blankets on ...
Frontex guards arrest 22-year-old Mohammed

“Our job is to prevent them coming here” – EU border police

The Frontex operation is slick; policemen in military observation towers monitor the ...
Greek riot police kettle protestors

“Greece is becoming a big concentration camp”

This is an extreme description of the effects of Greece’s dysfunctional asylum ...
Reza and his daughter outside the ministry of citizen protection in Athens

“We are here and we are human”

18 January 2011- “What is happening? What is going on?” asks a ...

'reporting & writing' in Britain


Who are the “illegals”?

In Britain the term “illegal immigrant” is used to describe people who break immigration laws, but in popular culture and action it is a catchall phrase often denoting poor migrants, stateless people, and refugees.

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Austerity bites

Political rhetoric and featherweight policy solutions disguise the fact that single parents are among the biggest losers of the recession. The Women’s Budget Group found that single parents will lose 15.1 per cent of their disposable income to austerity policies.

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Lone Parent Trap illustration by Patrick Koudah

The Lone Parent Trap

When Jen Smith’s employer went bust she lost control of a life she had spent 20 years building. It took only a few years for life to unravel. In three years Jen got just four interviews and no job. Soon she had to remortgage the one-bedroom flat she shares with her daughter.

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River Evros by Marina

“reporting & writing” named one of 10 best migrant blogs

Originally posted on London Migrant Hub:
Photo by Mike Licht There are some great migrant blogs out there but they’re not always easy to find. So, for those on the hunt for migrant voices, someone to explain new immigration policy, or just an interesting take on global migration, here are some of our favourites: 1.…

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heavy chains hanging across water

The Absurdity of Mr Grayling’s Residence Test

Originally posted on Do right, fear no-one!:
Connor Johnston considers how a slave would have fared under the government’s proposed legal aid residence test. The House of Commons last week debated some of the issues raised by the Government’s consultation on “Transforming Legal Aid”. The consultation – which will be considered by the Ministry of…

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Tales from the UK Border Agency

A man seeks asylum in the UK. The UK Border Agency does not believe the potential refugee is from where he says he is. What does the UKBA do? Calls in government officials from said country to interview the person fleeing from them. Welcome to Britain 2013.

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