Nominated Georgina Henry Women in Journalism Prize 2016

Chuffed to be on the shortlist for the Georgina Henry women in journalism prize. Georgina Henry launched the Guardian’s hugely successful Comment is Free website and set up Women in Journalism back in 1995. She died of cancer in 2014 aged just 54. I recommend Alan Rusbridger’s tribute if you haven’t read already:

The idea I pitched to the judges was for a podcast. A collection of outtakes you might say, from all the interviews I do for my articles. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and working towards for some time, but I’ve never had the money or time to pursue. The podcast will be political, but not about the politics of Westminster or left versus right, instead I’ll present the lived experiences of those most affected by key political decisions. Each podcast will last around 20 minutes and will carve out an unexpected story from within a familiar news narrative. Each story will put a relatable human face to the facts and stats of policy debates. It’s kind of what I do already, but a shorter, audio version. I sent these articles in support of my application:

Official announcement:


Watch this space!