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Some links to articles I’ve written elsewhere … one is an analysis of the idea that women will be hit hardest by the British government’s economic policies. Among others, I interviewed Sue Himmelweit, a brilliant economist from the Women’s Budget Group, the Fawcett Society, some trade unionists and a young feminist from Bristol.

The arguments put forward by the Women’s Budget Group are logical and evidence-based, I’d definitely recommend their reports on the last two Budgets and Comprehensive Spending Review. If you are heavily reliant on flexible public sector employment and services, as many women (particularly the poorest) are, life will be much tougher if state spending is dramatically cut. However, you’ll have to speak Danish to decipher the article as I wrote it for Kvinfo, a Copenhagen-based women’s centre for research on gender and equality. If I get time, I might try to rehash it here, meanwhile for the Danish speakers: Storbritannien sparer – også på ligestillingen

Elsewhere, I wrote for the New Internationalist magazine on the plight of foreigners in Greece. According to sources in Greece, with the deepening of the financial crisis, fascist groups are growing stronger in Athens. Many of the refugees I interviewed there are terrified of violent racially motivated attacks. Here’s the article. Xenophobic attacks on the rise in crisis-hit Greece

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Greek protestor
A Greek man stands his ground with a mask and goggles in case of tear gas

Picture By Maro Kouri