What I’m blogging about….

I am currently working on a series of reports from Greece, Italy, Spain, France and the UK on asylum seekers and migrants in European Union. The project is being funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

For many asylum seekers and migrants Europe is the promised land, but often their journey west is blighted by death and their would-be hosts are less than welcoming.

Over the next two months I will report on the state of the European Union’s asylum and immigration system. Is it fair? Is it over-burdened? Can a unified system work? Does the Union’s commitment to justice, liberty and freedom extend to migrants and asylum seekers? Are there, in fact, too many migrants trying to enter the EU?

My reports will attempt to create a coherent thread between the experiences of those arriving in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. In my final report for WCMT, I hope to provide clarity and accuracy on an issue reported on only sporadically, misrepresented by politicians and often misunderstood by the public.